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How Are You?

How many times a day do we all get asked this question?

From early on, we’re taught to ‘be polite’.  There’s nothing wrong with this, but when it comes to our feelings,‘being polite’ means keeping quiet.  But it isn’t only out of politeness that we hardly ever answer ‘How are you?’ properly.  Many of us really don’t know how we are – and even if we did, has the other person got the time to listen? Do they really care? Far better to say ‘OK’ and move on.

Many of us feel we’re standing still as everyone else dashes on with their seemingly successful lives, whilst we have no direction; some of us just feel lonely – especially in a crowd.

Whether you feel you should be thankful for what you’ve got, or you feel you’re losing the things you value – a job, a relationship, a dream – if ‘How are you’ is a difficult question, then counselling could help find the answer.


Who Am I?

I am a fully qualified counselling professional and performance coach based in Twickenham Richmond, but I’m also a real person with experience of real world issues and problems.

Before I knew anything about counselling or coaching I noticed that whatever my role people often wanted to come and have a quiet word with me.  Advertising is full of energy and creativity but not necessarily people being true to themselves.  During these quiet words there was a moment of being real for both myself and the other person in these meetings that I wanted to explore further.

My journey into therapeutic work started about 10 years ago when I volunteered to be a respite carer for a teenage autistic boy.  I found this to be was a hugely rewarding relationship that lasted for four years.

Since then I have trained as a counsellor (at the Metanoia Institute).  This has given me a deep understanding of psychotherapeutic theory and the experience to work with people who are overwhelmed, depressed, confused or very anxious.
I am also trained coach (with Coach Training International CTI) so that I can work with clients who wished to close the gap on who they really want to be, to more actively pursue their goals, develop strategies to achieve a better quality of life.

What the individual can expect from me is:

  • A safe and confidential space
  • Curiosity about and respect for what makes each individual tick
  • I do not judge
  • That I am warm, authentic and honest
  • That I work towards disengaging when the time is right for you

Iain has all the qualities a great coach should have and combines them with his gentleness, calmness and patience.

Iain has the talent to focus on you and your agenda, and therefore makes it easy for his clients to focus on themselves, their perspectives and goals and he will walk with you until you are where you want and need to be, without pushing, but with empathy and determination.

Working with Iain has made a spectacular difference in my life – taking one step at the time. Working with Iain is a walk to remember.


Iain Dawson

CTI Qualified Co-Active Coach
BA (Hons) Person-Centred Counselling

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Professional Counselling and Coaching based in Twickenham Richmond

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