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Caitlin Moran on starting out

In the Guardian today Caitlin Moran is asked about her first job.   When she was 13 she won a writing competition that was followed by an interview in the Times.  In this she was called talented and she says:

‘I just needed one person to tell me I was talented-to give me permission-and I was off.  I started writing my first novel the next week.  It’s why I always accept being a judge on a writing prize.  I know what it’s like to be on a council estate in the middle of nowhere and how you need to feel London, the media and “the ground-ups” are asking you to take part. If you are not posh or connected, you need to be invited.  Just once.  And then you bite their arm off. You’re ready.’ (Guardian 15 04 15)


What is it that I like about this?  That someone so young, so distanced from London, the media and ‘ground-ups’ found the catalyst she needed to start herself off.  I also admire her promise to herself to take everyone opportunity to be a judge and be that catalyst for others.

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