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Men are twice as likely as women to have no one to rely on for emotional support

A recent MIND survey tells us that one in ten men say that they have no one they can rely on for emotional support. For women it is one in twenty. The reason for this seems to be that men tend to rely on their partner for support while women use their family and friends. Women are more likely to have five or more people they can rely on for support than men. – .V39jliMrI01

When you do not have someone you can rely on for emotional support it can leave you feeling very isolated. This is possible even when you have a lot of people around you and, in fact, this can intensify your sense of being on your own.

Alongside this the survey also tells us that almost half (47%) of both men and women admit that it is hard for them to open up about their emotions to the people close to them.

My experience of working with people like this is that the absence of people to talk to can lead to a huge amount of over-thinking that can become disturbing.

Clearly I would say that counselling has an important role in helping people to gain the emotional support they need but it is sometimes easier for people to open up to those that they do not know and social media can be an effective way of doing this. It is good in that it gives you control of when you do and don’t want to talk to people.

If you are feeling effected by some of these issues I would recommend taking it slowly and to dip your toe into some of these activities and take your time to figure out what works best for you.

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