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The impact of not getting sufficient sleep on our children

The Sleep School ran a test in a school in which a class of 11 year olds were tested before and after being given guidance on improving their sleep hygiene.  The class was averaging 7 hours sleep a night before the guidance and 8 hours after it (which is a big improvement although it is advised that this age group should have 9 to 11 hours).

The results in the cognitive tests were:

Memory: +57%

Focus and attention: +44%

Problem solving: +61%

I was not surprised that there was an uplift in performance but I was surprised at the extent of it.

The other benefit (from a US study) was that sleep deprived teenagers eat an average of 9% more calories and crave more sugar and starch.  This equates to an average weight gain of 4 kilos per year.

To watch the programme go to:

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