Do I need counselling?

Do I Need Counselling?

Apparently this is a question that a lot of us ask Google.

I do not know if you need to come to counselling but here are a selection of areas where it may be helpful:

  1. If you are feeling things too intensely (such as anger or sadness).
  2. Where you are not feeling anything very much. The things that used to give you pleasure don’t anymore.
  3. When you are experiencing loss or grief.
  4. Are those closest to you suggesting that you could do with some help? If they know you well they may have a point.
  5. Are you finding close relationships stressful?
  6. Are you finding it hard to transition from one role or stage in your life to another?
  7. Have you become more anxious than you used to be?
  8. It maybe a good idea if the thought of talking to someone that you do not know who will be non-judgmental and keep things confidential seems like a relief.

Resistance to coming to counselling is understandable

I heard the author Colm Toibin on Desert Island Discs talking about therapy. He said that his biggest fear was that therapy would ruin his writing or destroy his need to write.
He went on to say ‘It does the opposite. It opens you up so that you have a clearer version of things you are working on…..I think it gives you something extra rather than taking away.’

NHS guidance

Here is a link to the NHS explaining the benefits of talking therapies generally.

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